We know what it takes to successfully choose and implement the right ERP software solution for your business. Our ERP service offerings not only utilize Concept’s perfect methodology but represent our 360-degree focus on every task necessary to ensure our clients achieve the most business benefits possible from their ERP systems.

Our Core ERP Services and Offerings:

ERP Implementation:

Concept Soft perfect Methodologies

Each of Concepts service offerings follow our proprietary Perfect ERP methodologies. Developed over years of ERP software selection and implementation projects, our methodologies provide the underlying framework to ensure that each ERP initiative we are involved with adhere to the guidelines, practices and principles necessary for ERP success.

Concept’s services are beneficial to companies just beginning an ERP project as well as those requiring assistance during or after the implementation process. Because we are technology-agnostic and well-versed in all of the major ERP packages, our expertise can be applied to any ERP engagement.

How Does Concept Soft Drive Successful ERP Projects?

To effectively meet and manage our clients’ needs, we employ a highly trained staff of ERP consultants full-time and leverage the skill sets of hundreds of ERP experts across the globe. Our average employee has more than 15 years of consulting experience and is extensively trained to help companies manage successful ERP software and transformation projects. Our consultants leverage concept’s proprietary and technology-agnostic methodologies, experience and research findings to make each client’s initiative a resounding success.

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