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Concept Medical Suite is the right solution for you if you do not use a current hospital management solution or if you have a Medical Suite that is not integrated. Implementing Concept Medical Suite can improve the overall productivity of your organization and bring in quality practices.

  • It should comply with all local authority regulations as well as Payer Regulations.
  • All modules should be tightly integrated so that you do not have to do any duplicate entry of data anywhere.
  • It should reduce the workload of the staff.
  • When existing staff leave your organization and new users are recruited, they should be able to understand and operate the Medical Suite in the minimum amount of time. If within two months, they are still struggling to operate it then your current Medical Suite is too complex to use.
  • You should be able to correct any mistakes with the right authorizations.
  • As you expand your operations (like add new test equipment or add new OT rooms), you should be able to accommodate and make the necessary changes in a short time frame, if making changes takes you more than a day then the Medical Suite is not very effective.
  • You should be able to get holistic view of hospital operations as well as any minute details of hospital operations with ease.
  • If you want a direct interface between your accounting software or with your lab equipment and your current Medical Suite does not provide it, then it is not a very effective Medical Suite.
  • Leakage and Missed Bills: With the integrated Concept Medical Suite solutions, you can reduce potential leakage of revenue through missed bills (either willfully or fraudulently).
  • Revenue collection: Plugging leakages in the revenue collection process by using pre-determined rates
  • Monitoring contribution: Knowing the department’s & doctor’s contribution to profitability.
  • Faster discharge process: Discharging a patient faster as you do not have to run around to collect the details of bills and writing discharge summary at the last minute.
  • Pharmacy control: Have complete control on pharmacy operations – accurate bills, stock verification, streamlined procurement, etc.
  • Electronic Medical Records: With our Medical Suite, complete integration with EMRs is possible. We can provide you with custom clinical examination forms and you can store all the clinical information of your patients as part of your Medical Suite.
Do send us a mail at and we will schedule an online product demonstration for you and your team at the earliest. Please refer the Contact Us section to get in touch with us.
Due to high level of fragmentation of Healthcare systems and varying needs of Health Providers across the world we do not list our prices on the website but do get in touch with us and we will be able to give you a quotation after discussing your organizational needs at the earliest.