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Lab Management System

The lab management system is linked to the HIMS (Hospital Information Management System), as well as all related laboratories and x-ray machines.
The lab management system is compatible with the Radiology Information System and the Radiologic Imaging and Archiving System (PACS), as well as HL7 (Health Level 7), ICD 10 (International Classification of Diseases), and other standards.

Key features of Lab Management System

  • Lab Invoice
  • Sample Collection.
  • Sample Verification.
  • Machine Interfacing to any machine that has the capability of interfacing.
  • Sample Processing (Result Entry, First Review, Authentication).
  • Reports Dispatching.
  • Lab Order Management. (To follow up No Show’s and Sample Rejections)
  • Compliance of Lab Module with ISO 15189:2012 and CAP.
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