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Electronic File

Electronic File maintains an electronic record of each patient’s clinical information when they visit healthcare providers and provides reports as needed.
The electronic file ensures the confidentiality, security, and autonomy of patient information, simplifies healthcare providers’ workflow, and improves patient care and information security.

The electronic file allows for the reuse of electronic registers of patients’ examination, etude, medicine, material, operation, admission, reports, and all healthcare corporation/organization services with niceties, allowing for the rapid examination of each patient’s application.

All personal information about a patient (Name, Surname, Date/Place of Birth, Blood Group, etc.) as well as all operation details with contact information about a patient (Social Security, Referral, Corporation, Register No, etc.) are kept securely. 

Every committed operation and every registered data are saved safely and can be examined individually. Searching options include parametric examination screens and Search Forms based on multiple-choice features (Name, Affinity, Gender, and so on). A user-friendly, flexible, and useful search interface allows for quick and easy access to information.

Key features of electronic file

  • Booking System (Patient/ Room/ Bed/ Radiology Machine Booking) including Messaging Center.
  • Capturing the Patient Demographic details including Photo using Emirates ID Reader.
  • Scanning the Insurance Card as well as Emirates ID Card in a duplex mode using special scanners.
  • Front office (Registration, Reception & OPD).
  • Electronic Medical Record (Physician Assessment according to specialties, OP Triage, ER Triage, Operation Theatre, In-Patient Nursing Assessment consisting of Adult, Pediatric, Neonatal and OB Gynea assessments separately according to Tasneef, JAWDA and JCI Guidelines).
  • Integration with any machine inside the Physician Clinics.
  • NICU Assessment Forms.
  • Dietician Assessment Form.
  • Patient Payment Module (Invoice, Official Receipt and Advance Payment).
  • Ward, Room and Bed Management.
  • E-Claim Module (Submission, Re-Submission, Remittance Advice).
  • Prior Authorization Management including E-Authorization Module for Daman and Thiqa.
  • Pharmacy Management Module.
  • Benefit Pharmacy Management.
  • Evaluation & Management Coding.
  • Management of Insurance Masters (Payers, TPA’s, Networks, Coverage Details, Pricelists).
  • Management of Services, ICD’s, Drugs and other Medical Entries.
  • Capturing the signatures electronically on all the consents using WACOM Signature Pads.
  • All the necessary statistic reports required by Health Authority.
  • Compliance with Tier Utilization Requirements of Daman and Thiqa.
  • Supports both ICD 9 and ICD 10 based on configuration.
  • Uploads Drug List, Facility List, Payer List and Clinician List from Ministry Website using Synchronizer
  • Compliance with VAT Guidelines with customizable VAT Masters.
  • Integrated with Malaffi
  • Ability to send Invoice as both Mail and SMS
  • Ability to send chronic disease registry
  • Currently integrating our system with DOH in order to participate in Estijabah Project to submit Bed Availability and Professional Availability
  • Ability to send National AMR Surveillance System - AMR data structure
  • One Click Jawda Waiting time KPI’s
  • One Click Jawda Quality Indicator KPI’s
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